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#3: Leading an Innovation Managers Ecosystem | Romi Davidor, Director of CatalystIL

In our third episode, we had the pleasure to host Romi Davidor, Director of CatalystIL, a professional community for innovation managers in the public and private sector, managed under the Israeli Innovation Institute. Romi joined the Israel Innovation Institute in 2018 with a clear vision of creating aprofessional,first ofitskindcommunityinthe field ofinnovationmanagement in Israel. Soon after […]

Spotlight: Sharon Cittone

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”. Margaret Fuller Here you can find your way to learn from others and to get inspired by the stories of ecosystem builders that are experts at their jobs. We hope you will take all of this knowledge to your own ecosystem or business or […]

#2: Creating Value For Protfolio Companies | Nofar Amikam, Partner and Head of Value Creation at Glilot Capital

In this episode, we had the pleasure to host Nofar Amikam, Partner and Head of Value Creation at Glilot Capital. Glilot is one of Israel’s most successful VCs in recent years, and has been ranked as one of the five best performing VCs in the world by Preqin for three years in a row. Amikam […]

#1: Building Global Networks | Yaron Samid, Founder of TechAviv

Our first episode! Join us to hear about Yaron Samid’s journey of building TechAviv, and his valuable insights on motivating people and creating real value for his members. Yaron Samid is an Israeli-American technology entrepreneur, CEO, board director, investor, and startup community organizer and the founder of TechAviv, an invite-only global network of top Israeli […]

9 Online Network-Building Activities, That Actually Work

How to take action and connect your global network, virtually.   As many professionals are isolated at home without the usual events and offline spaces to network, finding ways to network online and generate new business is vital. While many organizations slow down their efforts, there are a small group who are rising up to […]

5 Insights For Building Powerful Business Ecosystems

After meeting hundreds of unique ecosystem managers from all over the world, I wanted to share with you the top insights we learned that are making all the difference: 1. Map Your Ecosystem’s Stakeholders Step one, is to understand your game-field.  Stakeholders are all the different organizations / businesses / individuals that are affected by, […]

Hello World!

Calling all 21st century organizations to listen up. We’re excited to introduce our brand new “Ecosystem Relationship Management” platform, called ERM. As it sounds, it is a new and advanced CRM platform tailored for the unique needs of ecosystem builders (and many more positions focused on relationship management). The world before Clique  Or in other words: […]

6 Types of Innovation Ecosystems

While the structure of an ecosystem is here for hundreds of years, we are still welcoming and exploring this new version of “Innovation Ecosystems”.  In the previous post we had a quick review on the roots and fundamentals of a professional ecosystem in general.  Here, I want us to focus on this pretty new and […]

What is a Professional Ecosystem ?

Let’s start from the very basics. Ecosystem is a tricky word This word is becoming pretty overused in some areas of the market. The ironic thing is that many use this phrase to explain sort of the same thing. Yet, when someone else uses this word, we aren’t sure what or who exactly they are […]