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10 Inspiring RetailTech Ecosystems Across The Globe

In these challenging times, startups, organizations, and other relevant stakeholders in each ecosystem are working together to make our lives easier. There are plenty of organizations today who take on themselves the mission to lead us through this crisis and help maintain networking opportunities between all stakeholders, to build new business relationships & collaborations. We […]

Spotlight: Sharon Cittone

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”. Margaret Fuller Here you can find your way to learn from others and to get inspired by the stories of ecosystem builders that are experts at their jobs. We hope you will take all of this knowledge to your own ecosystem or business or […]

6 Types of Innovation Ecosystems

While the structure of an ecosystem is here for hundreds of years, we are still welcoming and exploring this new version of “Innovation Ecosystems”.  In the previous post we had a quick review on the roots and fundamentals of a professional ecosystem in general.  Here, I want us to focus on this pretty new and […]