The Collective Network Intelligence Platform

Mastering online ecosystem-building isn’t easy at first.  

Instead of leaving you wondering around the web, we decided to take action and help with a brand new App Store. 

Clique’s new “App Store” allows you, as a professional ecosystem builder, to find the perfect online solutions in one place.

Found an app that fits your desired online activity? Start using it on Clique!

Program Management

Create an online space for your acceleration program

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Mentorship Program

Provide value for members, while being respectful to the mentor’s time

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Online Office Hours

Allow members to schedule online Office Hours sessions with experts

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Online Speed Dating

Create an online speed-dating event to ignite new relationships

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Challenges Directory

Publish the open ecosystem challenges and allow all members to contribute!

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Members Directory

Create a space where people in your network can easily find each other

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Post Webinar Networking

Create a fun, engaging, networking activity right after your online session

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Public Network Directory

Connect your members with professionals within the network

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Ecosystem Calendar

Build a calendar to collect the events scheduled for/by the community members

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Tell Us About Your App

Have an app for ecosystem builders as well? We would love to expose it to them here