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Your relationships are your business. It’s about time you’ll have the right tools that truly understand you, your needs and your mission. This way you can focus on value creation for your network, and let Clique do all the rest.

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How Clique Helps
Ecosystem Builders?

The leading organizations of the 21st century are relationship-driven.

Leaders of such organizations focus on building and measuring long term relationships with stakeholders in their ecosystem. Investors, Partners, Supporters, Employees, Customers etc.

Until now, they worked across endless Excel sheets and other operational tools, to try and stay on top of things. From now on, Clique will help them centralize their data and efforts to one geniusly-friendly and automated platform that boosts productivity and business success.

The Leaders We Work With:

CEO’s & Founding Team

Value Creation Managers

Community Builders

Innovation Managers

How Does It Work?

We Built 3 Product Layers To Meet Each Ecosystem Leader,
In Their Network’s Lifecycle.

1st Layer: ERM

Inner CRM for building and managing your ecosystems relations. 

Traditional CRMs are for deals, but you’re managing relationships and partnerships with your ecosystem. You should have a dedicated solution for your needs. 

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2nd Layer: Finder

A directory for searching & connecting with other ecosystem members.

After building your ecosystem structure and relationships – it’s time to decentralize the information, and provide members with easy access to find & connect with one another.

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3rd Layer: Platform

A full solution for building strong collaborative communities. 

If you are aiming to reach the highest level of value creation for your ecosystem, connect then as a community. For this stage, we have built an online home to support your efforts. 

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What’s The Added Value?

We Built Clique To Fit The Unique Mindset and Mission of Ecosystem Builders:

Relationship Oriented

Built-in productivity hacks to develop more & better relationships, with less operational hassle

Visual & Intuitive Learners

Visualize your network members in various ways, to unlock it’s power and opportunities

Focus on Value Creation

Ecosystem leaders thrive from value creation and igniting opportunities for their network

Collaboration Focused

Facilitate strong partnership building between players in your ecosystem 

Some Of The Leading Ecosystems On Clique

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