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#9: Samsung Next Ecosystem Playbook | Gary Coover, Ventures Operating MD and GM of Samsung Next @ Silicon Valley

In the latest episode of the Connectors, we hade the pleasure to host Gary Coover, Ventures Operating Managing Director and General Manager of Samsung Next in Silicon Valley.

Samsung Next operates a global network of ecosystem hubs, providing founders with domain expertise and access to Samsung, through its ventures, partnerships, and M&A teams.

Over the past decade, Gary helped grow Samsung Next’s innovation footprint from a 3-person team in Korea to 200+ people globally across the Bay Area, New York, Tel Aviv, Europe and Korea, launching and leading startup-centric initiatives. As the Ventures Operating MD, Gary oversaw Next’s early-stage venture incubation efforts and global portfolio company support program,while deeply engaging the startup community as the GM of Samsung NEXT in the Valley.

In one of our most fascinating conversations in the podcast thus far, we dove into Gary’s decision making and execution process in launching international hubs for Next; the secret to balancing between local preferences vs. global strategy, while allowing streamlined collaboration; and eventually achieving wins for Next by fostering internal and external collaborations, and so much more. Tune in an enjoy!