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#8: Elementor’s Open Source Ecosystem | Nofar Ben Dror Paecht, Director of Community at Elementor

In the latest episode of the Connectors, we had the pleasure to host Nofar Ben Dror Paecht, Director of Community at Elementor, one of the world’s leading website builder platforms, powering 7 million active sites.

At its core, Elementor is an open-source product, making it a user-driven company. Today, it empowers a global ecosystem of professional web creators whose members play a key factor in its growth.

  • What steps has Nofar taken to identify and meet the evolving needs of Elementor’s growing ecosystem?
  • How can crisis be leveraged to build trust among user-communities and what are Nofar’s best practices for remote crisis management?
  • What methods has Nofar implemented to engage Elementor’s global ecosystem, spread over 25 countries?
  • How can intentional ‘community over competition’ be created among freelance communities?

Answers to these questions and more – in our latest interview with Nofar. Enjoy!