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In these challenging times, startups, organizations, and other relevant stakeholders in each ecosystem are working together to make our lives easier.

There are plenty of organizations today who take on themselves the mission to lead us through this crisis and help maintain networking opportunities between all stakeholders, to build new business relationships & collaborations.

We created a few lists of those ecosystem organizations in various industries.

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Today you are getting a glimpse of the SportsTech ecosystems! Join them or add them to your LinkedIn network, and we believe you can unlock a variety of new opportunities!

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10 Inspiring SporTech Ecosystems Across The Globe

Sport Tech Hub
The Sport Tech Hub program is focused on supporting Founders, helping them gain insight into the physical activity and sport sector, the opportunities available to them, and the role that start-ups can play in using technology to tackle deep-seated societal challenges.
#SportsTech #InnovationProgram #London
Connector: Alex Zurita
Location: UK

SportsTechX supports selected startups and works with investors and organizations in sports and adjacent industries, offering services in the fields of innovation strategies, market intelligence and startup initiatives. SportsTechX is a leading source for data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem, with the overall goal to promote and grow the international ecosystem.
#Germany #SportsTech #Startups
Connector: Benjamin Penkert
Location: Germany

HYPE Sports Innovation has built the largest global ecosystem in sports innovation. With over 40,000 members, including retail brands, athletic clubs, federations and academia together with over 11,000 startups, HYPE has an unrivalled capacity for outreach to global partners across all sectors in this highly diverse field.
#Global #Ecosystem #SportsInnovation
Connector: Amir Raveh
Location: Global

Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) is a business cluster powered by Microsoft Sport Team that gathers all kind of sports entities (clubs, federation, associations), institutions, tech-companies (from start-ups to enterprises), research organizations, investors and key figures of sport industry to improve its value chain.
#Entrepreneurship #Innovation #Microsoft
Connector: Iris Córdoba
Location: Spain

KICKUP Sports Accelerator
The KICKUP Sports Accelerator is an international acceleration program that aims to scout, accelerate and invest in early stage sports business startups. It is a 12 week full-service program that gives the opportunity to 10 selected startups to build, execute and validate their business model, find the best international product & market fit, and get funding.
#Acceerator #VC #StartUps
Connector: Inês Torres
Location: Portugal

Sports Innovation Lab
Sports Innovation Lab is leading a sports research revolution. Sports Innovation Lab educate their clients on the technological possibilities for their brand and how to ultimately drive value to the end consumer: the Fluid Fan. Sports Innovation Lab inspire brands to create bold fan experiences through data-driven technology insights and industry-leading research.
#Research #Technology #SportsTech
Connector: Josh Walker
Location: USA

Sport eXperience
Sport eXperience supports Sport StartUps and sports companies to strenghten and accelerate their business potential and stimulate the cooperation between all stakeholders. Sport eXperience operates as a cooperation where open innovation is stimulated with a sport business focus. Sport eXperience is the first and only Sports Accelerator in The Netherlands.
#StartUps #SportsTech #Netherlands
Connector: Victor J.C. Beerkens
Location: Netherlands

Barça Innovation Hub
FC Barcelona wants to help change the world through athletic excellence using knowledge and innovation. Barça Innovation Hub’s goal is to create an ecosystem that bolsters knowledge and innovation. This ecosystem is based on a model that promotes a culture of excellence and collaboration with brands, universities, research centers, startups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors and visionaries from all over the world. This model will help generate new knowledge and create new products and services that can benefit our own athletes, our partners, fans and society as a whole.
#Collaboration #Innovation #KnowledgeHub
Connector: Oren Simanian
Location: Spain

Through immersive storytelling and industry-leading events, SportTechie connects you to the innovators and power brokers who are shaping the future of sports technology and analyzes how technology affects the deeply interconnected parts of the industry. Whether you’re an athlete, fan, team executive, player rep, league insider or technologist, you’ll find significant value in being a part of the SportTechie community. 
#Connections #USA #Technology
Connector: Taylor Bloom
Location: USA

ASTN Sports Accelerator ASTN is an industry-led Australian eco-system of organisations with a vested interest in sports technology development. This includes leading sports technologies businesses, national sporting organisations, research institutions, sports distributors & retailers, government agencies, service providers and investors. ASTN programs are geared to assist Australian sports technology companies to scale and commercialise their technologies into international markets and assist universities and research institutions to commercialize projects.
#Ecosystem #Australia #SportsTech
Connector: Shaun Bajada
Location: Australia

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