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10 Inspiring Proptech Ecosystems Across the Globe

In these challenging times, startups, organizations, and other relevant stakeholders in each ecosystem are working together to make our lives easier.

There are plenty of organizations today who take on themselves the mission to lead us through this crisis and help maintain networking opportunities between all stakeholders, to build new business relationships & collaborations.

We created a few lists of those ecosystem organizations in various industries.

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Today you are getting a glimpse of the Proptech ecosystems! Join them or add them to your LinkedIn network, and we believe you can unlock a variety of new opportunities!

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10 Inspiring PropTech Ecosystems Across The Globe

Proptech Africa
Proptech Africa connects the proptech ecosystem in Africa in order to create meaningful interactions and relationships. At the same time, they promote the proptech sector to the property industry and related stakeholders as a whole in order to raise awareness and drive growth on the continent.
#Conferences #Relationships #Africa
Connector: Kevin Teeroovengadum
Location: South Africa

SwissPropTech bridges the established real estate & construction industry with innovative PropTech companies in and around Switzerland. Together with their Members they want to improve the way buildings of the future are designed, delivered and managed through the use of technology.
#Contech #Switzerland #Innovative
Connector: Joanna Demkow-Bartlomé
Location: Switzerland

Pi Labs
Property Innovation Labs (Pi Labs) is Europe’s first venture capital platform investing exclusively in early stage ventures in the property tech vertical. Pi Labs was founded to become the centre of the property innovation ecosystem in Europe with the vision to identify, mentor, invest in and accelerate high-calibre startup ventures who have the passion and ability to create scalable businesses that will disrupt the property industry.
#US #Impact #Podcast
Connector: Faisal Butt
Location: UK

Proptech Zone
A Real Estate Tech Innovation Center where we help and connect startups with industry leaders while building the Israeli ecosystem. The Proptech Zone Accelerator is an industry-first program in real estate tech innovation. The Accelerator’s goal is to combine leading professionals and experts in the global real estate industry with early stage startups.
#Early-stage #Israel #Accelerator
Connector: Michal Gologorsky
Location: Israel

MetaProp is a New York-based venture capital firm focused on the real estate technology (“PropTech”) industry. Founded in 2015, MetaProp’s investment team has invested in 100+ technology companies across the real estate value chain. The firm manages multiple investment funds for both financial and strategic real estate investors representing a pilot- and test-ready sandbox of 15+ billion square feet across every real estate asset type and global market.
#VC #Accelerator
Connector: Zander Geronimos
Location: New York

PropTech Lab
We connect and relate companies, start-ups and investors, in order to underline the new trends of the market, to promote industry advancements, to contribute influencing and educating the market, and to foster collaboration and innovation in the Belgian Real Estate community.
#Europe #MembershipNetwork #Lab
Connector: Idriss Goossens
Location: Belgium

ConTech is a leading global Construction-tech hub. With Israeli technologies, government support, and the spirit of Israeli entrepreneurship, ConTech builds a unique ecosystem, making Israel a leading global Construction-Tech hub. The ConTech ecosystem includes startups, companies from all sectors of the construction industry, contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policy makers and investors.
#Israel #Hub #ConTech
Connector: Shai Shechter
Location: Israel

PropTech Romania
Romania’s first platform to bring together real estate players, investors, startups and tech companies, fostering innovation, digital transformation and collaboration. Association & Community: networking and dedicated industry events News & Information: media partnerships and relevant PropTech news Advisory, mentoring and consulting services for startups, tech companies and real estate players 
#Mentoring #Networking #Romania
Connector: Smaranda Ignat
Location: Romania

A/O PropTech
Europe’s leading PropTech VC firm. Real Estate & Data Technology expertise combined with a unique access to a sandbox of over $35bn of Real Estate assets from selected LPs. Stage agnostic, investing permanent capital to support entrepreneurs & companies from Series A to later-stage growth breakouts.
#Europe #VC
Connector: Gregory Dewerpe
Location: Europe

European PropTech Association PropTech House
Our mission is harmonize the fragmented European PropTech market, to strengthen the European PropTech economy and to help European institutions creating a legal framework adapted to new technologies of PropTech and a legal framework that fosters innovations in Real Estate. We are here to help startups to export in new European markets.
#Asia #CorporateAccelerator #Programs
Connector: Giorgio Guidi
Location: Europe

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