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#5: Measuring the Business Impact of Community | Richard Millington, Founder of FeverBee

In this episode, we had the privilege to interview one of the most influential voices in the community space today.

Richard Millington has spent the past decade helping 250+ companies develop some of the world’s largest online communities. He is the founder of FeverBee, an international community consultancy, and his clients have included Google, Facebook, Oracle, Wikipedia, EMC, Greenpeace, United Nations, and many more. Prior to FeverBee, Richard interned with Seth Godin in New York.

He started his first online community in 1999 and is the author of The Indispensable Community and Buzzing Communities, which have been widely cited as introducing the best practice into developing successful communities.

What’s the biggest challenge businesses face when implementing community strategy? Why do most community strategies fail to achieve their goals? How can community managers apply psychology to their work to develop successful, indispensable communities? What are some metrics you think are important when measuring community impact? What is the relationship between building community and ecosystems, and how has it changed in the last decade?

Answers to these questions and more – in our latest interview with Richard.