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In these challenging times, startups, organizations, and other relevant stakeholders in each ecosystem are working together to make our lives easier.

There are plenty of organizations today who take on themselves the mission to lead us through this crisis and help maintain networking opportunities between all stakeholders, to build new business relationships & collaborations.

We created a few lists of those ecosystem organizations in various industries.

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Today you are getting a glimpse of the Fintech ecosystems! Join them or add them to your LinkedIn network, and we believe you can unlock a variety of new opportunities!

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10 Inspiring Fintech Ecosystems Across The Globe
10 Inspiring Fintech Ecosystems Across The Globe

F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with offices in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona. They believe the fastest route to innovation lies in early collaboration between startups, incumbents, and investors. Each stakeholder benefits from shared skills, experience, and insight.
#Competition #Global #Accelerator
Connector: Nicole Steiner
Location: Global

Fintech District
Fintech District is the gateway to the Italian Fintech ecosystem and attracts the most relevant national and international stakeholders. The Fintech District community now has over 100 startups and numerous collaborations with public institutions, investors, professionals, financial institutions, international innovation hubs, universities and corporations.
#Italy #Ecosystem #Startups
Connector: Marta Abbà
Location: Italy

The MENA FINTECH ASSOCIATION (MFTA) is an inclusive, not for profit association that fosters an open dialogue for the MENA Fintech community; shaping the future of financial services in the region. They have a growing community of Fintech startups and SMEs, financial institutions, technology companies, academia, investors, accelerators as well as regulators and policymakers.
#KnowledgeHub #Global #AbuDhabi
Connector: Nameer Khan
Location: United Arab Emirates

FinTech Connector
FinTech Connector is an exclusive membership network that brings together and meaningfully connects Fintech entrepreneurs and start-ups with financial services professionals, organizations, and investors by providing the digital platform and real-world communities to connect members, collaborate on Fintech ideas and cultivate those ideas into financial services innovation that will benefit people around the world.
#NYC #Innovator’sHub #MembershipNetwork
Connector: Angel Lorente
Location: New York

Fintech Circle
FINTECH Circle is a global platform of more than 130,000 fintech entrepreneurs, investors, finance professionals, academic and government representatives, and solution providers.
#VC #Seedstage_Investments #Global
Connector: Susanne Chishti
Location: UK

FinTech Scotland
FinTech Scotland is an independent body established by the financial services sector, universities, and Scottish Government to ensure that Scotland seizes the fintech opportunities and achieves positive economic and social outcomes by encouraging financial innovation, collaboration and inclusion as part of the country’s broader digital economy objectives.
#Scotland #Investment #Network
Connector: Stephen Ingledew
Location: Scotland

FinTech Association of Hong Kong
The FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) is an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based association representing Hong Kong’s FinTech community. The aim of the association is to unite the Hong Kong FinTech industry and ecosystem in order to elevate Hong Kong’s status as a FinTech hub. It works on creating awareness, employment, education, promotion, and advocacy around FinTech.
#EducateFintech #RegTech #Hongkong
Connector: Benjamin Quinlan
Location: Hong Kong

FinTech Australia
FinTech Australia Ltd. is the peak body for the Australian financial services, technology, and innovation – FinTech industry. They were founded by Startups and are a startup ourselves. They represent our members and advocate for outcomes that facilitate the growth of the FinTech ecosystem with the goal of making Australia a leading FinTech market.
#Community #Australia #Ecosystem
Connector: Rebecca Schot-Guppy
Location: Australia

CityTLV- The Fintech Community of Israel is leading the Fintech ecosystem in Israel. The main asset that Israel and Tel-Aviv bring to the financial world is an exceptional ecosystem of entrepreneurship that leads to innovation and novelty. They focus on FinTech and its derivatives, including Insurtech, Regtech, blockchain, and more.
#World-classHub #Tel-Aviv
Connector: Shmuel (Shmulik) Ben-Tovim
Location: Israel

Startup Wise Guys
Startup Wise Guys is a mentorship-driven accelerator program for early-stage B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber, and Sustainability startups, providing seed capital (€30K), office space, and most importantly – world-class mentors.
#Accelerator #B2Bstartup #Latvia
Connector: Cristobal Alonso
Location: Latvia

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