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10 Inspiring Education Tech Ecosystems Across The Globe

In these challenging times, startups, organizations, and other relevant stakeholders in each ecosystem are working together to make our lives easier.

There are plenty of organizations today who take on themselves the mission to lead us through this crisis and help maintain networking opportunities between all stakeholders, to build new business relationships & collaborations.

We created a few lists of those ecosystem organizations in various industries.

Today you are getting a glimpse of the Education-tech ecosystems! Join them or add them to your LinkedIn network, and we believe you can unlock a variety of new opportunities!

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10 Inspiring Education Tech Ecosystems Across The Globe

The StartEd Hyper Accelerators and Membership programs support innovative companies focused on technology solutions to improve education and learning — across all stages from birth through lifelong learning. StartEd provides access to connections, capital, and customers to help founders solve the biggest problems in education.
#Virtualprograms #US #Accelerator
Connector: Ash Kaluarachchi
Location: USA is the first Nordic venture capital company focused on the learning sector. We invest in teams transforming early childhood, K12, higher, secondary, and vocational education as well as corporate and lifelong learning. Our geographical home field is Europe, while we can also selectively do investments outside the region.
#VC #Innovation #Europe
Connector: Antti Korhonen
Location: Finland

EduGrowth is Australia’s education technology and innovation hub. EduGrowth is connecting a community of education providers, industry participants and EdTech entrepreneurs committed to reimagining learning in the digital age. As education transitions to borderless digital delivery, this diverse ecosystem will impact the future of learning globally from Australia.
#Accelerator #Australia
Connector: David Linke
Location: Australia

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EduSpaze is Singapore’s first edtech accelerator supported by Enterprise Singapore,  the enterprise development agency. It aims to nurture a vibrant edtech startup ecosystem that serves the education sector in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
#Accelerator #Singapore #Earlystage
Connector: Madrim Djody
Location: Singapore

GSV Ventures
GSV Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that partners with
and invests in entrepreneurs whose education technology companies are driving. They back exceptional entrepreneurs leveraging technology to fundamentally improve learning and talent development from K-12 through higher education and lifelong career advancement.
#VC #SiliconValley
Connector: Michael Cohn
Location: USA

The EdTech Exchange is Europe’s largest community of EdTech
founders and provides members with mentoring, support, and a program of events designed to share best practices through peer-to-peer learning. The Exchange brings together like-minded EdTech entrepreneurs, encouraging them to exchange ideas, swap war stories, and give and receive advice from their peers.
#Community #Europe
Connector: Caroline Wright
Location: United Kingdom

EdTech Israel
EdTech Israel is the national business hub that successfully connects
the Israeli Education business sector with international entrepreneurs, investors, and business partners. They collaborate with other national EdTech hubs and international partners in expanding know-how, expanding relationships, and building business bridges in education innovation all around the world.
#Community #Global #Israel
Connector: Dr. Jacob (Yaki) Dayan
Location: Israel

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A pan European program designed for EdTech start-ups/SMEs to break the barriers to education and enhance learning experiences in a new era of human-centered digital education. IMPACT EdTech provides expert knowledge, educational resources, and data.
 #Program #VirtualProgram #Accelerator
Connector: Ignacio (Nacho) De Pinedo Palomero
Location: Spain

EdTechWomen is a networked community of 2,500 women and their supporters, and launched 12 chapters within six months outside of my role at Noodle. The goal of EdTechWomen is to strengthen diversity within edtech and to facilitate relationships and regional communities that will advance the industry’s impact on learners. SXSWedu recognized EdTechWomen as its 2015 Change Maker of the Year.
#connections #EdTechWomen #Innovation
Connector: Sehreen NoorAli
Location: USA

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Africa’s first EdTech incubator & seed investment program. INJINI host meetups and bootcamps across Africa – bringing together entrepreneurs, educators, and anyone interested in shaping the continent with EdTech. Also, they connect their cohorts with a network of experts in education, tech, business development, and EdTech entrepreneurship through 1:1 and group training sessions.
#Africa #Innovation #EdTech
Connector: Krista Davidson
Location: South Africa

View the full list of EdTech ecosystems here.
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