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#4: Bridging two innovation ecosystems | Tue David Bak, Executive Director at Innovation Centre Denmark

In this episode we went behind the scenes of not a single ecosystem- but two.

As the Executive Director of Innovation Centre Denmark, Tue David Bak fostered innovation alliances between the Nordics and Israel, in an array of fields ranging from foodtech, healthcare, pharma, cleantech to education.

What does bridging two innovation ecosystems look like? What are the challenges and opportunities involved in connecting two different countries and cultures – and what is the skill-set and mindset required to do so successfully? How does Israel’s risk-taking culture play with the Danish culture of conformity- and how does the tension between traditional diplomacy VS innovation come into the picture? Tune in to learn more.


Tue David Bak has spent the past two decades working on economic development and innovation. He has managed projects and advised governments and business leaders in more than 25 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. His clients and employers include the Danish Government, the UN, the World Bank, BSR-Business for Social Responsibility, AngloGold Ashanti, the Government of Serbia, the Government of Ghana, and more. From 2017 to 2020 Tue was Executive Director at Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv, where he helped foster novel innovation alliances between the Nordics and Israel within an array of fields.