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#3: Leading an Innovation Managers Ecosystem | Romi Davidor, Director of CatalystIL

In our third episode, we had the pleasure to host Romi Davidor, Director of CatalystIL, a professional community for innovation managers in the public and private sector, managed under the Israeli Innovation Institute.

Romi joined the Israel Innovation Institute in 2018 with a clear vision of creating aprofessional,first ofitskindcommunityinthe field ofinnovationmanagement in Israel. Soon after shebecame one of theco-founders ofCatalystIL, today an ecosystem of over 1,900 community members,250 innovation managersand over a 90 professionals.

What are the components involved in leading a first of its kind ecosystem of innovation professionals? What useful habits can ecosystem managers adopt to sustain member engagement and promote a culture of innovation within? What does it take to create a concise value proposition- while navigating between multiple stakeholders? And how does understanding members’ needs- sometimes mean wearing the “psychologist” hat?

Answers to these questions and more – in our latest interview with Romi.