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Ecosystem Building, Relationship Management

Hello World!

Calling all 21st century organizations to listen up.

We’re excited to introduce our brand new “Ecosystem Relationship Management” platform, called ERM. As it sounds, it is a new and advanced CRM platform tailored for the unique needs of ecosystem builders (and many more positions focused on relationship management).

The world before Clique 

Or in other words: why do ecosystem builders need a special platform?

Until now the top main options for managing a business database were: 1.Excel sheets. 2.CRM tools. 

Each has its pros and cons. For Excel sheets they are pretty obvious to all of us (easy to use and customize, yet not “smart”). CRM’s are also widely common, but lets talk about them in more details.

Current Known CRM tools, were born about a decade ago, to answer the needs of sales department who are tracking customer funnels —  and were designed accordingly. Throughout the years, these tools grew and grew with additional features, apps and partners. In general growth is good, and answering market needs is even better. 

But in this case, it made their systems very slow, messy and un-friendly to new users. Most organizations today need to go through a long and expensive setup process with an external advisor or developer to make it work for them. 

The best evidence for this, is simply to ask any ecosystem or community builder who worked with a CRM tool. You’ll probably get a negative, frustrated reaction or in the best case — they will be indifferent to it.

The new workforce is here

While the traditional market got used or obligated to these known solutions, the new market, comprised of advanced-thinking organizations and leaders — aren’t settling. 

The 21st century organizations are doing business differently, thus are looking for different solutions to fit their unique mindset, mission and style of work. Today’s organizations are relationship-driven. Meaning, they aren’t focused only on increasing the number of customers they have on their current dashboard. 

Rather, they understand and acknowledge that in such a crowded and competitive market, you can’t be only short term oriented. To win in our new market, you need to think in longer terms, build meaningful relationships with all your stakeholders (not just your shareholders), and focus on value creation (not just selling). 

Bottom line:

The principals on which we are building Clique –

  1. Leaders are focused on long term relationship building 
  2. Optimizing for mutual value creation 
  3. Visual & intuitive representation of the data
  4. Connecting opportunities between the network is key
  5. Emotional Intelligence has a big role in growing relationships
  6. Low tolerance and patience for manual workflow
  7. More time spent on human interaction less time spent on documenting
  8. Relationship & trust will lead to new business opportunities

It’s a new dawn 

As ecosystem builders ourselves, we understand the external and internal difficulties of other ecosystem & community builders – focused on relationship building and value creation. 

This is why, we built Clique to fit the unique needs of these leaders.

The relationship orientation lead us to refine and adjust current solutions into a friendly, productive and personalized one. It wasn’t an easy process. Some of the things we built were total counter intuitive to the standard in the field.

But, as we got to know and talk with over than a hundred ecosystem builders, we gained a clear view of what exactly is it that they need. 

The current market size of professional ecosystem builders is around 1,200,000 positions and professional community builders is about 5,000,000 positions — we believe these numbers are only going to grow in the next couple of years, and take over core roles and budgets in various organizations. 

Actually, this is already starting to happen. We can see this trend by the exponentially increasing number of stakeholder relationship managers in business oriented organizations. The number of relations position today in the market is close to 40,000,000. They are, probably un-knowingly the next generation of ecosystem builders as well. 

We are here to help once they do. 

Powering Innovation Ecosystems

Our first efforts are focused on powering Innovation Ecosystems. 

We believe in the power of innovation to change the world and specifically, the demographics it acts by. Thus, we love partnering up with ecosystem managers across the world, and helping them build and grow the ecosystem they are managing. 

How are we boosting innovation ecosystems? 

With 3 main product layers, to fit each ecosystem’s lifecycle stage. 

1st Layer: ERM — Inner CRM for building, mapping and managing your ecosystems relations, from the very first step.

2nd Layer: Finder — An external directory for enabling members to easily search & connect with other ecosystem partners.

3rd Layer: Platform Full dedicated solution for building strong collaborative communities and igniting mutual business opportunities.

Does this sound relevant to you?

Reach out for additional information, or to get advice from our experts.