Introducing: Clique Connect

Clique Connect is a collaboration layer, built to empower closed networks by allowing their members to exchange and leverage trusted network opportunities. With Clique, members can see who in their community has a real connection to the person they are aiming to reach and then ask for an intro in one simple step.

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What is Clique Connect?

Clique Connect operates as a chrome extension, allowing professional network members to share and learn about available warm introduction opportunities to any desired person.

By automatically mapping only trusted connections and building a smart collective network map, Clique Connect accelerates the visibility, outreach, and co-creation of business opportunities, between members of closed & trusted professional networks.

Who is it for?

Business Development Teams

Leverage your organization and partners’ collective network to reach strategic leads

CEO's & Founding Team

Collaborate with your team, investors, and advisors to obtain warm introductions and reach more fundraising and business opportunities

Value Creation Managers

Scale-up value creation by allowing your ecosystem to tap into your network and share their own

Community Builders

Assist members of your community to efficiently collaborate and co-create with each other

Recruiters & Head Hunters

Find hidden talents within your employees’ network and ask for referrals in the click of a button



Partnership Managers

Get the most of your collaboration by building a collective network with your strategic partners to easily identify cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Sign Up

Create your group add the ‘Clique Connect’ extension to Chrome

Invite Your Group

Invite your team or group members to join and share their trusted connections

Find Connections

Start finding connections & build your connections wishlist as you go

Grow the Value

Open or join new groups and invite more people to join the movement

What’s The Added Value?

Stay Ahead of the Noise

Replace cold emails with warm introductions to the people you are aiming to reach

Boost Productivity

Ask for introduction in one simple step, without interrupting your ongoing work

Nurture your Relationships

Manage and nurture your personal LinkedIn network on our ERM system

Be a Value Creator

Create more value by sharing your network and connecting between others

Drive Your Ecosystem’s Growth

Unlock the power of your network,
in one Clique…